Make Your Online Business Dream A Reality With Raichel, Your Personal Virtual Digital Tech Assistant !

Do You Have Courses and A Lead Magnet but Don't Know How To Put It All Together?

Wake Up From Your Tech Nightmare And Crack The Sales Funnel Code With Raichel!

For High-Tech Assistance From A Tech Expert, Call Raichel For Technical Solutions​

A digital product creator or coach:

Is made for creating, coaching, and building sales-generating courses, all day, every day.

Technical issues should not interfere with your fervent sales ventures!

Delegating tasks, especially technical, is essential.

Leave the tweaking and tiresome attempts at resolutions… to Raich!


You keep trying to do it all yourself

…especially tweaking your website or funnel (and trying to put all the pieces together not really knowing what to do!) 

As a business owner, you want to influence and elevate your clients… But conflicting emotions like …




Ready to give up

Constantly defeat your aspirations…



I am here to help you! I got YOUR back!

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Raichel loves to work behind the scenes – she has a passion for the nitty-gritty and making technical achievements so her clients can focus on building their revenue.

Raichel loves referrals and thrives when she’s booked 6 months in advance.

Her enthusiasm for tech is evident when she guest speaks and shares her marketing secrets to eager audiences.

IT services and solutions

“I needed a funnel in a flash, along with some tech problems solved. Raichel jumped in and SOLVED them, going far above and beyond in the execution of the task. FANTASTIC! Will use her again!!

Marina Stamos

Business Coach

How would this look for you...

With Raichel as Your Personal, Virtual Digital Tech Assistant By Your Side

You Can Get Your Course, Book, Or Online Business Off The Ground In No Time!

Let me take the hassle out of your hustle

Make Raichel Your First Resort For Technical Support

Allow Her To Seamlessly Grow Your Business With Streamlined Resources So You Can Increase Sales And Earn Success!
IT services and solutions


As Your Personal Virtual Assistant, Raichel Can Speak Human And Fix Your Digital Dilemma

Raichel White is a tech strategist, funnel/website creator, and Facebook expert who has worked with major brands like…

  • Billy Gene is Marketing
  • Miami Police Dept.
  • Miami Gardens Police Dept.
  • LegalShield
  • The University of Florida
  • Hundreds of amazing online entrepreneurs


Raichel’s mission is to get her clients leads that produce sales.

For the past several years, Raichel has helped her private clients...

✔️ Double their revenue

✔️ Sell out their online courses and webinars

✔️ Generate exponential leads

✔️ Launch their funnels and books and have them guest speak

Some call me the MVP of Intuitive Brand Marketing… Maestro  Virtuoso Picasso.

A Word From The Tech Genius and Online Extraordinaire Herself…

When I started my own business in 2009, I was scared to put myself out there. I secretly advertised with flyers around town and prayed that the city or a local store owner would not call about the flyers littered on the ground from people throwing them away.

The idea of getting calls or being rejected made me extremely nervous and unsure of what I was venturing into. But I knew what I could offer was worth it – I had the answers, solutions, and suggestions that could transform my clients’ technical nightmares into a blissful success!

The truth is tech intimidates.

Regardless of their age, most people are unfamiliar with online software, digital apps, and computers in general.

Instead of diving into the technical abyss, business owners and entrepreneurs often miss out on many opportunities and financial endeavors because “techie” stuff frightens them.

Raichel rids the discouragement of technical troubles from her clients by assisting them with tangible solutions.


✔️   Present the big picture   

✔️   Generate the right leads and audience targets  

✔️   Fix or build your perfect funnel/website

✔️   Improve your impact in less time

Raichel can transform your vision, business agenda, the essence of your brand, and the mission behind what you do to broaden your marketing horizons.

With her passion for the internet, digital marketing, and all the trivial technicalities, Raichel helps small business owners, start-ups, and online entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Her industry knowledge, intuition, and tech expertise have assisted her to build her own business and help others flourish in theirs.

IT services and solutions
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Taught & Worked With Some Of The Best In The Business​


Raichel is literally an online marketing genie. I love marketing and website design, but Raichel takes it to a WHOLE other level. You NEED her if you want to grow your business with Facebook ads and funnels.
Nancy Ruth Deen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Raichel is quite excellent with what she does! She literally held my hands throughout my project and delivered awesomely!!!
Dr. Jacki ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Raichel was great! She listened to my needs and produced high quality results very quickly.
IT services and solutions
Amy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I loved working with Raichel, she asked great clarifying questions, good communicator.
Pam ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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With Raichel’s Outstanding Online Marketing Method:


✔️ Sell out your offers
✔️ Initiate Consistent Leads
✔️ End the overwhelm and panic
✔️ Get productive results

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